The real story (with examples and everything) according to Dee:

I was performing at a Barnes and Noble Booksellers one night when Greg came to listen. He had sent an e-mail prior to that date as an introduction telling me a little about himself and I was delighted after the show when he came up to talk with me. I don't remember his Boston accent from that first meeting; he must have been using his best Minnesota voice. While we talked it dawned on me how similar our backgrounds in music were and it was so refreshing to meet someone that would really understand my accordion viewpoints that I gave him a hug when we parted.

For me, "our story" begins shortly after we started performing at an area coffee shop in August of 1999. At first we were just two accordionists playing together with me announcing the songs and telling the jokes. It had been like that my whole performing life, the extroverted me with the introverted partners on stage until one fateful night at the coffee shop.

One of Greg's friends was joking with us between songs and said something about Greg's house having a lot of remote controlled appliances. I said I wouldn't know because I'd never been to his house. Greg looked at me with those large hazel eyes almost brimming with tears and said, "You don't remember? That night meant nothing to you?"

I was speechless! My mouth hung open with amazement at this bizarre comment from my very shy and quiet duet partner. I stated again that I had never been to his house and asked what night was he talking about. "Well, if that night meant nothing to you (sigh). I mean, I thought after thatů.(sigh)". You catch the drift, the more I denied the steamy liaison the more hurt he portrayed himself, the more I blushed and the harder the audience laughed. And so Just Du-et was born, Greg was never quiet again and I still never know what to expect from him during a performance.

Greg Dagoumas is the only performance partner I have ever experienced that can continually leave me breathless and blushed even without the accordions! Musically we have come from being two accordionists to being one presence; as close as a heartbeat to each other's musical desires.

This is the true story, honest.

A word of caution:
Don't believe a word of his personal "East Coast" version if you should happen to ask!

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