Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Times Bar and Café, November 7
at the corner of 2nd Street N.E. and E. Hennepin Avenue

Jitters Cafe and Martini Bar, November 7
205 East Hennepin Ave. in the basement of The Times

Kramarczuk's East European Deli, November 7&8
215 East Hennepin Avenue

Northeast Middle School, November 8
2955 Hayes St NE


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2008 artists (click on artist for bio and sound sample)

Dreamland Faces

New Riverside Ramblers

Patrick Harison

Orkestar Bez Ime

Dee Langley

John Scaffeo

Machinery Hill

Hank Thunander

Ken Mahler

Dan Turpening

Larry Malmberg

Wild Hollow

Jerry Minar


Dan Newton



Alphabetical order:


Dreamland Faces (Jitters Martini Bar, Friday, November 7, 9:30 p.m.)

web site: www.dreamlandfaces.com
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Patrick Harison Band (Jitters Martini Bar, Friday, November 7, 11:30 p.m.)

web site :www.patrickharison.com
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Dee Langley (Friday, November 7, 5:30 p.m., Kramarczuk's)

When Dee Langley first played the accordion at the age of four, she could not have known that her love for the instrument and her passion for music would eventually reap her numerous first place honors, take her to Europe, and earn her several guest appearances as accordionist with the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. As a professional, Dee has participated in seminars and symposiums on accordion styles and techniques in Chatel, France and Klingenthal, East Germany. She also has performed with the Dolina Polish Folk Dancers and Ethnic Dance Theatre as well as officiating as Director of The EDT Folk Orchestra. Concert tours of Poland, France and the Czech Republic, respectively, being a few of the highlights of her tenures with these companies. Dee is also proud to one of the five inhabitants of Rogaria. *listen to Dee*
web site: www.airaccordion.com
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Machinery Hill with accordionist Datta (Saturday, Nov. 8, 5:30 p.m., Kramarczuk's)

Machinery Hill is a Mpls based band that blends ska, klezmer, celtic, rock, American folk & many other colors into their own style. A lot of instrumentals and many well crafted lyrical salads. Machinery Hill is a 1996 winner of a Minnesota Music award for best world beat CD & 1999 MMA winner for specialist recording. They have performed along with such diverse acts as BeauSoleil, BuckWheat Zydeco, Frente, Phish, Black 47, Brave Combo, Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl Black and Queen Ida; and have headlined at The Great River Folk Festival,among others.
*listen to Datta with Machinery Hill*
web site: home.att.net/~szimmy/
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Ken Mahler (Friday, November 7, 6:00 p.m., Kramarczuk's)

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Larry Malmberg (Saturday, 2p.m., November 8, Northeast Middle School)

Like most accomplished accordionists, Larry Malmberg began his extraordinary career at a very early age. His musical career glitters with significant names. Dina Shore, Pavarati, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Minnesota Opera and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. At 84 he still tours with the Golden Strings. The ensemble (with Cliff Brunzell and Clyde Anderson) entertains often in prominent establishments as well as farming community auditoriums and dancehalls. Larry and his friends play it all-classical, jazz, polkas and popular music. *listen to Larry*
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Jerry Minar (Sunday, November 11, 1 PM)

Jerry Minar, of New Prague, Minnesota, was one of the organizers of the Czech Country Concertina Marching Band and manufactures Hengel concertinas and is one of the guiding forces of the Czech Area Concertina Club. A life long dedication and love of the accordion and concertina has earned him the 2006 "Lifetime Accordion Award".
*listen to Jerry*
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Daddy Squeeze Trio (Friday, November 7, 9:30 p.m., The Times Bar and Cafe)

The Daddy Squeeze Trio is a fun and adventuresome group that believes having a good time makes great music even better. They can swing the standards, generate Latin and rock grooves, and surprise their audience with slightly twisted covers of forgotten pop tunes. Imagine, if you can, a banjo and accordion treatment of “Cat Scratch Fever” or “Smoke on the Water”, a bewigged rendition of Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Something Stupid”, a Tango/Klezmer treatment of Cher’s “Bang Bang”, or a Tom Waits-influenced beat poetry reading of “Takin’ Care of Business”. The Trio also offers Louisiana-style dance music, Tex-Mex, Brazilian Forro, Cumbia, French Musette, Gypsy Swing, and has become a showcase for Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton’s original songs and tunes. *listen to Dan*
web site: www.daddysqueeze.com
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New Riverside Ramblers (Friday, November 7, 7:00 p.m., Kramarczuk's)

web site: www.newriversideramblers.com
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Orkestar Bez Ime with accordionist Dee Langley (Friday, Nov. 7, 11:15 p.m., Times Bar and Cafe)

The Upper Midwest's finest Balkan and International dance band's trilogy of International folkdance music is complete with the release of their third CD, "Nice Driveway Vol 3: Rogarian Baba-que". Using a mix of folk and modern instruments—including accordion, clarinet, dumbek, flute, guitar, kaval, tambura, violin and voice—the group (Colleen Bertsch, Dee Langley, Katrina Mundinger, Natalie Nowytski, and Tim Wahl) stays close to traditional Eastern Europe through its Rogarian melting-pot sensibility. Join OBI for the music of Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo (Albania), Macedonia, Moldavia, Romania, Rusyn, Serbia, Sweden and, of course, Rogaria. *listen to OBI*
web site: www.rogaria.com
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John Scaffeo (Saturday, November 8, 2:00 p.m., Northeast Middle School)

NEAF favorite Canadian, eh? This performance is guaranteed to be a most memorable experience with artistic interpretations and excellent technique. John lights up the stage.*listen to John*
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Hank Thunander (Saturday, November 8, 2:00 p.m., Northeast Middle School)

Hank began his musical career at the age of nine in a small town in Bessemer, Michigan. Recognized for his achievements, Hank was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his outstanding leadership and performances in Special Services Entertainment. Hank has repeatedly awestruck crowds with his various styles of music at night clubs, festivals, casinos, ballrooms and theme parks throughout the U.S. His extraordinary talet includes a cast number of ethnic themes, big band, polkas, old-time, country, 50's-60's-70's, standard, light rock, classical melodies, spiritual, patriotic and holiday tunes. *listen to Hank*
web site: www.wirthentertainment.com/hank_thunander_polka.htm
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Dan Turpening (Saturday, November 8, 7:30 p.m., Kramarczuk's)

Daniel Turpening is a Minneapols-based musican specializing in accordion performance and repair. He is a certified Accordion Repair Technician and a teacher at the West Bank School of Music. Daniel has studied extensively with renowned teacher Dr. Helmi Harrington and attended accordion festivals in Moscow, Russia and Chicago, IL. He performs at weddings, parties, plays and puppet theatres. Daniel also enjoys sharing his love of music as a street performer and performs in this capacity at every opportunity.
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Wild Hollow, (Saturday, November 8, 2p.m., Northeast Middle School)

Wild Hollow specializes in instrumental innovation, changing the faces of familiar classical compositions with impeccable artistry. They also introduce audiences to the unique sounds of Eastern European folk music. Colleen Bertsch (violin), Dee Langley (accordion), and Katrina Mundinger (clarinet) met as members of Ethnic Dance Theatre Folk Orchestra and also perform with Orkestar Bez Ime. Wild Hollow enables them to draw on their years of classical training and perform works by Handel, Mozart, Kreisler alongside the exciting ethnic music they have traveled far and wide to find.
web site: www.myspace.com/wildhollow
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