Holiday Concert Program for
Just Du-et on Bedford Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
December 6 & 8, 2002

Marriage of Figaro
Mozart, Arr. Charles Magnante
Konzert nach Vivaldi,
J.S. Bach, Arr. Ralf Jung
John Gart, Arr. Galla-Rini
Feldchen, Mein Feldchen
Traditional folk song, Arr. Hans Bolls
Balkan Tanz, Traditional folk song
Arr. Hans-J. Wernecke
Abu Hassan
von Weber, Arr. Frank Gaviani
Lina Mazurka
G. Tarantola, Arr G. Dagoumas
Maria Rosa Polka
Tony Dannon
Latino Samba
Tony Dannon
Rosalina Waltz
Tony Dannon
Bohemian Rhapsody
F. Mercury
Starshine Bright
D. Langley
Foray Polka
Tony Dannon
Never on Sunday
Arr. Dagoumas & Langley
Charles Camilleri, Arr. Dagoumas & Langley
Carole of the Bells
Christmas in the Mountains
Transcribed and arranged by D. Langley
Rise Up My Light
Transcribed by D. Langley
Rudolph the Turk
Arr. D. Langley
Home for the Holidays
Arr. Dagoumas & Langley
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Arr. Dagoumas & Langley
Accordion Boogie
Charles Magnante
We'd like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to our hosts Tom and Steve for supporting us in our artistic expression. It is the kindness and generosity of friends and family that continue to make the music possible. A very wonderful Holiday Season and Blessed New Year to All!
Dee Langley & Greg Dagoumas "Just Du-et"

Just Du-et on Bedford Street June 2002 Concert Program